Legislator objects to taxpayers footing the bill for New Haven home clean up

by Carol Thompson

At the conclusion of the June 14 meeting of the Oswego County Legislature, Legislator Doug Malone said he is not pleased that the taxpayers of the county have to pay for the clean up of a Town of New Haven property.

The clean up work began Monday at the 3600 Co. Rte. 6 property, which has been littered with garbage. The property was declared a “public health nuisance” by the Oswego County Health Department.

The owner of the property, Harold Curran, died last August.

Oswego County is only permitted to clean up the garbage that poses a heath threat, but not the tons of other debris that litters the property.

Malone said he didn’t agree with the procedure taken to approve the expense. He said the legislature nor any of the standing committees were consulted prior to the clean up approval.

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