Jerry’s Journal: June 23, 2012

by Jerry Kasperek

Sorrow came in bunches and spread across our community the last couple of weeks with the passing of Ioan (pronounced Yo-an) “Jonesy” Jones, Harvey “Jay” Seymour Jr., Loretta “Laurie” Munger, John “Jack” Walsh and Maureen “Mo” Caprin.

I knew Maureen Caprin because of her long-time friendship with my sister, Denise Roth. Even in later years, the two of them together were like delightful children, texting one another any time of the day or night just to produce a laugh.

Heartbreakingly, it was only 18 months ago that Denise wrote a eulogy for Maureen’s mother and now she has the same sad task for her dearest friend.

But Denise’s written word will bring laughter among the tears; for, that was what Mo was all about — making people happy. She’d call out your name when she’d see you and give you the biggest bear hug around and you felt good about it. That’s what we’re going to miss most about her.

But Denise thinks Maureen will be calling out God’s name up there in Heaven, spreading cheer like only she could, and bear-hugging God and He will like it as much as we did

Ironically, Maureen was once an avid bowler, was a friend of Jay Seymour’s and was very saddened by his untimely death.

I did not know him personally, however, although I did know of his bowling fame as the author of many high scores and perfect games. And I do know some of his family members because of all the years I bowled, and I do remember his grandfather, Ernest Niccoli, who long ago was a cop on the beat in Fulton.

I can’t imagine the sorrow his family, in particular his mom and dad, Mary and “Buck”

Seymour, must feel in losing someone so young and still in his prime.

But I was always told as a child that when it thundered and I was afraid, it was just the angels bowling up in Heaven. So perhaps Jay is up there making his own thunder, and rolling perfect games just like he used to when he was here with us.

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