Roy Hodge

Hodgepodge: June 23, 2012

Roy Hodge

by Roy Hodge

I made a harsh discovery sometime during the first day of my retirement two years ago. I might be considered to be retired from my job at The Fulton Patriot which I held for over 50 years, but I found out on that first day that I wasn’t going to be fully retired. And, furthermore, I was going to have a boss.

At the same time I was considering that fact, my new boss was greeting me at the breakfast table and politely outlining a few things that I might want to do that day.

One of the rooms could use re-painting. There were a few things around the house, inside and outside, that could use some fixing up. Would you mind taking something to the Post Office for me? And so it went. At least I didn’t have to drive to Fulton.

“And oh,” she added, “would you be able to get these things to Jeff?”

Jeff lives in Fulton.

Actually, the arrangement has worked fine over the past two years. One thing turned to be just as I was told to expect – retirement would be a very different experience.

I guess maybe I haven’t missed going to work every day as much as some folks told me I would. I think one of the most difficult adjustments was realizing that retirement was going to include learning a whole new set of job skills. I didn’t have to be busy every minute of the day. But I did have to learn to get things done around the house and yard and fit in appointments and errands.

I discovered that another very important element is learning to save a little, but maybe not too much, time for rest and recreation – maybe even a nap when needed.

Unfortunately, the whole retirement process got off to a somewhat rough start for both of us. Twelve days after my last day at work I took a serious tumble down some stairs in our backyard and the first summer of retirement quickly underwent some drastic changes.

I was told that I would need some reconstructive knee surgery; I would become firmly attached to my bed or cane, or both. There were MRI’s, EKG’s, blood tests, poking and prodding, crowded waiting rooms, ice packs and hot weather.

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