Valley Viewpoints: Remember when 2

by Frank Castiglia of Fulton

Here is an update on what happened when I went to the June 5 Common Council Meeting in Fulton. I told you to watch the tape of it on June 6, but that tape was bad. You couldn’t tell what was being said.

I did find out a few things about North Bay Campgrounds. The first is that the campgrounds are owned by the City of Fulton.

Therefore, we don’t lease it from Granby, we pay them taxes ($8,000). Ok, so now some of my tax dollars pay the taxes on North Bay. Still a good reason why I shouldn’t have to pay a dime to stop over there to look at the lake or walk along the lake (not into the season long camping area).

At the meeting, Barry Ostrander also spoke (a little longer than three minutes might I add) about the campgrounds and how much work his staff and volunteers have done. He also said that the campgrounds are self-sufficient. He did say a few other things and I would be able to say what they were but without the tape I couldn’t remember them all.

Now if anyone of you can remember my letter in the paper I never once said anything about the work by the parks and recreations department. Since then I have asked for the revenue generated by the North Bay Campgrounds. I believe Barry said $43,000 or $45,000; I really can’t remember which.

It doesn’t really matter to me if  it’s 43 or 45 because I really feel that for the number of people that work for the Parks and Recreation Department they bring in more money per man hour then any other department.

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