Legislators oppose International Joint Commission’s BV7 plan

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature passed a memorializing resolution to oppose the International Joint Commission’s BV7 plan to control water levels on Lake Ontario, however, the vote was not unanimous.

During Thursday’ meeting, the resolution was debated at length before legislators approved it with a party line vote.

The Democrat caucus opposed the resolution, claiming that a lack of information prevented the legislature from making an informed decision.

“If you have to change a resolution three times and then change it again 15 minutes before the meeting, there is something seriously wrong with it,” Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler said.

He was referring to the number of times the resolution had been changed and the final draft that was approved by the legislature’s Economic Development and Planning Committee just prior to the start of the legislature session.

“I have received 50 to 60 pages of reports in the last two or three days saying we should support the plan, but we are putting this out,” Kunzwiler said. “Where is that going to leave us?”

Kunzwiler referred to a report completed by the Oswego County Environmental Management Council, a committee appointed by the legislature to advise on environmental issues impacting the county. Tim Carroll, chairman of the council, urged the legislature to carefully consider the BV7 plan, citing that it has the potential for positive economic and environmental impacts.

Kunzwiler urged that the resolution be shelved until the information can be sorted and digested.

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