County legislators spar over parliamentary procedure

by Carol Thompson

Meeting procedure was once again called to question when a memorializing resolution that had been tabled the previous month had been reintroduced in an amended form.

Prior to the start of Thursday’s meeting, the legislature’s Economic Development and Planning Committee met to discuss an amended resolution opposing the International Joint Commission’s BV7 plan to regulate the water levels of Lake Ontario.

Legislator Amy Tresidder questioned the propriety of reintroducing an amended resolution when the legislature had tabled the previous resolution. A tabled resolution must be presented on the floor in its original form.

Tresidder’s comments were disregarded and Legislator Louella LeClair introduced the amended resolution during the legislature session.

Legislator Doug Malone questioned the legality of bringing the amended resolution to the floor.  He argued that the same resolution that was tabled is the one must be presented to the floor.

Legislator Dan Chalifoux called for a recess so that the matter could be researched.

Upon the return of the legislature, LeClair moved to un-table the previous resolution followed by a motion to amend the resolution that came out of committee.

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