Oz Roller Girls edge Lumber Jills 130-127

The Oz Roller Girls held off the North Country Lumber Jills 130-127 in a back-and-forth roller derby bout recently at Oswego’s Crisafulli Rink.

Right down the final jam, a scoring duel between Masso-Kiss-Tic Mandy for Oz and BamB for the Lumber Jills, the teams played a tight, heady and physical match.

Masso-Kiss-Tic Mandy and Crushed Red Pepper paced Oz scorers with 49 and 40 points, respectively. Resilient Jen-Hitsu added 17, AJent Mayhem 16 and SarahNova eight points for the home team.

Celtic Storm led the visitors from Plattsburgh with 50 points. Bertha Victory added 35, Hail Mary Jane and Mayday VaJJ 17 each and BamB eight points for the Lumber Jills.

AJent Mayhem, making her final appearance for Oz before relocating to Spokane, put her team in the lead with 10 points on the opening jam. Jen-Hitsu’s seven points vs. 12 for Bertha Victory left Oz on top 17-13.  But Hail Mary Jane posted a 12-point jam followed by 10 from Celtic Storm to give the Lumber Jills a 35-17 lead.

The teams traded points until Crushed Red Pepper’s 20-point outburst put Oz back in front 58-52. The home team closed the first half with a nine-point jam by Masso-Kiss-Tic Mandy and five from Crushed Red Pepper for Oz to take a 79-60 advantage into the locker room.

Jen-Hitsu’s eight-point jam opening the second half extended the Oz lead to 89-64, but the determined Lumber Jills kept chipping into the lead. When Celtic Storm broke out for a 20-point jam then Bertha Victory added five, the Lumber Jills had roared back to tie the score at 114. A single point by Mayday in the subsequent jam gave the Lumber Jills a 115-114 lead.

The last several jams became a chess match as the two teams turned in solid defense and countermoves to thwart scoring opportunities. Masso-Kiss-Tic Mandy and Celtic Storm traded a four-point jam to make it 119-118 for the Lumber Jills. A hard-fought four-point jam by Crushed Red Pepper put Oz back in front 122-119.

The final jam featured one more scoring frenzy, as Masso-Kiss-Tic Mandy and BamB rolled up eight points each as time expired, but Oz held on for the 130-127 win over the resilient visitors.

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