Voter registration on the rise in Oswego County

by Carol Thompson

Voter statistics provided by the New York State Board of Elections show that registration in Oswego County is on the rise.

At the end of the first quarter of the year, there were 77,832 registered voters in the county.  The breakdown shows 20,062 registered Democrats, 35,543 registered Republicans, 1,732 registered Conservatives, 4,089 registered to the Independence Party and 15,817 blanks, meaning they are registered to vote independently of party affiliation.

As of last November, there were 77,491 registered voters countywide with 20,053 Democrats, 35,488 Republicans, 1,703 Conservatives, 3,995 Independence Party, and 15,670 blanks.

The overall number of registered voters is up from April 2011. Last year, the county had 76,780 registered voters. There were 19,958 registered Democrats, 35,355 registered Republicans, 1,695 Conservatives, 3,884 Independence, and 15,329 blanks.

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