Fulton wrestlers come out to support junior varsity coach

by Nicole Reitz

A lengthy two-and-a-half-hour Fulton Board of Education meeting Tuesday began with an emotional public forum.

Several members of the junior varsity wrestling team and their parents attended the meeting to raise concerns about a coach whose reputation has been questioned.

The wrestling coach is also a teacher in the school district. To protect his identity, the coach’s name was withheld throughout the public forum.

The coach in question allegedly showed inappropriate behavior with a student or students. It was unclear of what nature the inappropriate behavior was.

The allegation was brought to the attention of Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch. At this time, no action has been taken.

Lynch said that the allegation was a personnel matter, but did say that every coach in the district is evaluated yearly. At that time, the performance of the staff is monitored as well.

“All coaching positions are year to year appointments,” said Lynch.

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