Undersheriff: Too soon to tell if jail pilot program is working

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County is one of several counties taking part in the state’s Orleans Project, which is an effort to alleviate jail overcrowding.

To date, it is not known whether the program will help the sheriff’s strapped budget.

“It’s a new program and it’s too soon to tell,’” Undersheriff Gene Sullivan said Friday.

The county began participating in the program a few months ago.

The goal of the state-run pilot program is to move parole violators, who have committed a technical violation, as opposed to another crime, out of the county jail and into a state prison within ten days of re-incarceration, which could help ease the population at the county’s Public Safety Center,

Sullivan said it’s a high intensity 90-day program.

In March, the county legislature approved an extra $200,000 in payment for inmates housed in other counties because Oswego’s 159-bed jail is filled to capacity.

Many of those inmates are parolees who are awaiting transfer to state prisons. Along with the cost associated with housing inmates in other facilities, the county must pay the cost of transport.

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