Proposed animal registry law could impact sheriff’s office

by Carol Thompson

Should a law be passed in the state legislature to require convicted animal abusers to register with the local sheriff’s departments, it could result in another costly unfunded mandate for Oswego County.

“It specifically directs the county sheriff to register the offender,” Undersheriff Gene Sullivan said Friday of the proposed legislation.

Sullivan had researched the proposed law to determine how it would impact Oswego County.

“The sheriff will have to do the cities and villages that have their own police departments,” he said. “The sheriff will have to take the photos and fingerprints.”

The sheriff’s department will also have the responsibility to document any identifying information such as tattoos, scars and distinguishing features.

Sullivan noted that the department will also be required to notify any residence, school, humane society, animal shelter and any other business within a one half mile radius of the abusers residence or location and provide them with the all the information in regard to the abuser with the exception of the social security number.

The department must make the notification within 10 days of an abuser registering with the department. The burden is on the convicted abuser to register with the local sheriff’s department within 10 days.

The abuser must be over 18 years of age and have been convicted of a felony charge of animal abuse.

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