Widow seeks affordable health insurance

by Carol Thompson

A widow with three young children is finding that affordable health insurance is something out of reach and that there is little assistance for those in her situation.

The woman has been struggling to find affordable health care for seven months to no avail. Prior to the unexpected death of her husband, the young widow was insured by Blue Cross/Blue Shield through his employer. Upon his death, she said she was immediately dropped.

For a few months, she was on COBRA until the cost jumped to $1,100 per month for health coverage and $400 per month for dental coverage.

“None of us had insurance for about a month and a half after my husband’s death,” she said, adding that she applied for Family Health Plus, a state program, but didn’t qualify.

The children qualified for insurance through Fidelis but they would not insure the widow. “That left me with nothing,” she said.

The snafu for the widow is that she is a college student and without being among the working poor, she cannot qualify for many of the government insurance programs.

Nonetheless, the woman will not give up her quest to find affordable health care.

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