Legislators learn about proposed mandated costs

by Carol Thompson

As New York State passes more laws, it also passes on mandated costs to local governments. Oswego County Administrator Phil Church gave members of the Finance and Personnel Committee an update on the most recent proposals.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Church noted that a proposed law could change the way 16- and 17-year-olds are treated in the court system and by probation.  “The goal is to treat them differently rather than treating them in the adult sector,” he said.

If the change is approved, it will come at a cost of an additional $416,000 per year in the probation department, a cost that is bore by the taxpayers.

In addition, both the Senate and Assembly have proposed a bill that would require those convicted of animal abuse to register with local law enforcement. The registry would be similar to the sex offender registry currently in place.

“It will be up to local law enforcement to maintain that registry,” Church said, adding that he does not anticipate funding from the state for such project.

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