Valley Viewpoints: New chairperson needed

by Rose Anthony of Fulton

I am not a chairperson for any political party. My back yard is open to anyone who wants to put a sign in it. Mr. Sullivan asked to put his in my yard and I said it was okay.

Mr. Holmes, you are a chairperson of the town Republican committee. You have obligations to the party. Why did you have a Democrat sign in your yard? Why, as a chairperson, did you not support Ray Sullivan when he won the Primary?

Your man lost, but your obligation was to the winner. Why did you not allow Ray Sullivan and Ed Williamson to enter the benefit at the community center? Both are Republicans and Ray already won the Primary. Why? What are your obligations as chairperson?

In your letter you also say, which I agree on, that the highway department is “all in the family.” What is the difference in highway or your Republican committee? You have you, your wife, your son, your wife’s brother — would you not call this all in the family? How can you get an equal vote when it’s all family? I hope this explains my feelings about your letter Mr. Holmes.

My personal feelings are that the Republicans in Granby ought to consider voting for a new chairperson — one who will abide by all rules, not just his.

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