Leon Archer

The Sportsman’s World: June 9, 2012

Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

Anyone who has been a Boy Scout is certain to remember the scouts’ motto: “Be Prepared.”

I missed being a Cub Scout for some reason that I have never been able to determine, but as soon as I was old enough to become a Boy Scout, I joined up. I became a member of Troop 30 in Sandy Creek when Mr. Corse was the scoutmaster. I was involved in scouting until I graduated high school. I have always had a measure of regret that I never got back into scouting after graduating college and coming to Fulton.

Be that as it may, I have found that living by that motto has been a blessing and a curse over the years. I realize that no one can be completely prepared for every situation they run into, but in as much as it is possible, being prepared is a very good thing.

I have taken more items on camping trips, fishing trips, hunting trips, etc. that I never used and brought back home with me than I like to remember, but there have also been times that my diligence saved the day.

When I travel during hunting season, I often carry my shotgun with me in the back seat or in the trunk. Only a few of times have I ever used it, but I would never have used it on those occasions had I not been prepared. I also have a little take down fishing rod and light spinning reel that is usually packed away in the trunk. It has provided some great moments that I would have missed had I not been prepared.

I used to always carry a fish hook and about fifteen feet of mono fishing line in my wallet. I always had it whenever I went into the woods without thinking about it. It was my own little survival kit. I never once used it, but I was prepared.

I no longer do that, mostly because I never hunt where I am apt to get lost. My legs no longer want to carry me that far. But think how handy that little bit of preparation would have been for the character in the movie, “Castaway.”

I have rods that I like better than the little one in the trunk so when I know I’m going to be somewhere that I could fish, if it’s convenient, I take one of them.

Last Tuesday, I took Sweet Thing to Redfield for her weekly quilting fix at her sister’s home. She gets together with all her sisters to quilt and visit. I am not much into quilting and I knew the DEC had stocked the area streams a week or two before, so I tucked in my favorite trout rod and a few of the worms I had picked up a few nights before.

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