City looks to annex land from Granby

by Nicole Reitz

During Tuesday’s meeting, members of the Fulton Common Council voted to hold a series of public hearings on the annexation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant’s land.

Located off Route 48, the Wastewater Treatment Plan is positioned in the Town of Granby.

The City of Fulton paid $78,324 to the Fulton City School District and $37,859.32 in taxes to the Town of Granby last year. Out of the $37,859.32, Granby receives $7,478.62, with the rest of the tax monies going towards the County and First Fire District.

A state agency recently raised the assessment of the plant to be worth more than $3.9 million, a $900,000 raise. The city and Mayor Ron Woodward dispute the validity of the assessment and fear the possibility of a higher tax bill.

The city is currently spending $2.5 million to upgrade the treatment plant to comply with a consent order given last year under the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

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