Valley Viewpoints: Small-town library

by Jack Pope, President of the Board of Trustees at the Hannibal Free Library

The Hannibal Free Library Board of Trustees would like to thank the voters in the Hannibal Central School District for their support.

The affirmative vote in favor of the small library levy we requested indicates to us that the Hannibal community realizes the value of the Hannibal Free Library and understands that our expenses, like everyone else’s, continue to increase from year to year.

The board of trustees and our very dedicated library staff work very hard to provide excellent library service at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayers.

We believe that Hannibal has one of the best small-town libraries in the North Country Library System region and we intend to continue to provide the very best library service possible.

The very much appreciated support from the community will help us do so.

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