Valley Viewpoints: No walking fee

by Frank Castiglia of Fulton

Do you remember when we had a beautiful downtown, you could swim for free, go fishing for free and go for a walk or even drive around North Bay for free. They are all gone like yesterday.

That’s right, I did say walk around North Bay for free is gone. About two weeks ago, I was told by my wife that a notice was in The Valley News saying that for a small fee you can walk from Bullhead Point into and around North Bay campground. I checked to see what the small fee is to walk into North Bay. It is $20, but that is for the season. Now, this fee is for everyone taxpayer or not.

Let’s take a real good look at this. A few years ago, the city officials were bragging about the completion of the walking trail leading from Bullhead Point to North Bay and how nice it was. Now the last time I checked, North Bay campgrounds is leased in the City Hall of Fulton by Granby. The walking trail was made by city workers. The money for the lease comes from tax dollars. The money to make the trail came from tax dollars (be it federal or state).

So, why should I or any other homeowner taxpayer from the City of Fulton have to pay a dime to walk, fish, or ride a bike or drive a car through North Bay Campgrounds.

Now I think I know the reason why, but I will go to Tuesday, June 5 common council meeting to find out why.

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