Legislators work toward equity in lease agreements

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County officials are reviewing the lease agreements between public and private agencies and the county.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the legislature’s Infrastructure and Facilities Committee, County Administrator Phil Church gave legislators an update.

The abstracting companies that were on a letter agreement from month to month will be moved to leases, Church said. “That will be all up to date,” he noted.

He added that other lease agreements are being updated.

Earlier this year, the committee approved a one year rent agreement with Oswego Health.  Church said he would like to talk to the hospital about a multi-year lease and would like to get the Labor Department’s lease locked in.

The Town of Richland lease will be updated with the upper room included, Church said.

The town rents office space in the H. Douglas Barclay Courthouse. Church said that most of the cost to the county for space rental is at the courthouse because it is leased to a government.

“All that money comes from the taxpayers,” he said, adding that he would not raise the price for that reason.

He did state that he would rework some of the lease language “to clarify that subletting by the town and other outside use is not allowed.”

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