Paul McKinney

A Little Of This And A Little Of That: June 2, 2012

Paul McKinney

by Paul McKinney

So my damaged car is sitting in the collision parking lot waiting to be repaired. It’s only been two weeks since the accident and the insurance adjuster has finally shown up from the OIC (other insurance company) but has failed to send the estimate of repairs to the collision manager.

And I am on my way up to Syracuse in my rent-a wreck to find out what I can do to get this whole process going.

The collision manager is all apologetic and offers to call the OIC to find out what happened to the written estimate. (At this point I am beginning to wonder if the right hand and left hand even know each other let alone know what each is doing.) The insurance adjuster calls back with a fax copy of his estimate of $8,000 of damages.

I leave thinking everyone is on the same page and I am on my way of getting my car back in three weeks. But, not so fast! Collision manager calls me a few days later to tell me that until OIC accepts liability, my car cannot be touched. So, back to MIC I go and request that they process my claim so that all of the above can begin. Don’t ask!

Let’s see, accident was reported and car taken to collision shop July 1, right? A month has now passed. It’s Aug. 1 and the phone rings. Guess who? You got it. It’s the collision man calling with the happy news that they have “found” more damages than originally inspected, so an additional claim needs to be submitted for $9,000.

Will I approve this? (There used to be an old saying we used in situations like this: Is the Pope Catholic?) However, since the young manager probably wouldn’t get it, I just responded with a polite, “Yes, of course.”  But wait, the saga continues!

From Aug. 1 until Sept. 12, these weekly calls continue with further updates and more damages. So now we are up to $20,000 in repairs, $4,000 in car rental and a lot of time, delays, and frustration.

So now I am really concerned…not only with the delays, but the safety of my car when and if it is repaired. So, what would you do? Right! I called my friendly insurance agent in Florida for some help! And here is what he offers as assistance, and I quote him here. “Well if it were my car, I would take it to another collision place.”

After closing my jaw with my left hand, I spoke the only words I could muster up on my tongue. “Well, wouldn’t that be like taking the half baked cake out of the oven and running over to a neighbors house and asking if you could finish baking it in their oven?” There was silence on the other end. I mean it! Dead silence!

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