Valley Viewpoints: ‘Knit Picking’

by Rose Anthony of Fulton

Forty-five years ago, I met a gentleman, Carmen Vescio, who rented me a tavern in Granby.

April 26, 1967, I signed a lease. I have been in one of the toughest businesses for 45 years. I consider myself a very good business person. I was on the town board in Granby for 15 years. I decided to give it up and give another person a chance to represent the people. Those 15 years I gave 100 percent to each and every person in Granby for their benefits.

Today I still go to every monthly meeting. When I see something to question at the meeting, I question, not for my benefit, but for all the people in Granby.

I questioned Lori Blackburn and her insurance because I thought it should be questioned and people the taxpayers pay for it.

Last month a person got up before the council and said, “When is the knit picking going to stop?” Its not “knit picking” in my book to question how our tax dollars are spent.

In my book, when a person turns into the Bowens Corner church to vote, the people selling baked goods at the polls should be stopped because people coming in may be told not to vote for this person.

Do you know how many years they have been doing this? They no longer are allowed to sell at voting. This is “knit picking” looking out for your own benefit.

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