Poetry Corner: 33 1/3

by Jim Farfaglia

33 1/3

Today’s digital music holds nothing

compared to how I once held

those timeless vinyl discs,

each with a tiny hole that fit them

so neatly atop my turntable


where they slowly ran in circles

and where I gently set upon them

a diamond needle

and listened


as my favorite tunes

rose from those grooves,

each song just about three minutes long –

long enough to learn about life

or hell raisin’

or how to mend a broken heart.


And the records I loved over and over?

They wound up with crackles and skips

that became a part of those songs,

flaws weaving into each story

like my mishaps wove into mine.


And whenever life got boring

I could flip them upside down

and try out side B,

inviting those songs into the circle of my life,

letting them revolve around my world

thirty three and a third times

per minute.

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