Valley Viewpoints: Thankful for the support

by Rosemary Occhino, Fulton Board of Education member

To all of the 1,256 voters who voted last week in the school budget, please accept my sincere thank you for taking the time to vote

It does sadden me that only 10 percent of Fulton’s population chose to make their opinions known, but am thankful that you did.

The presented school budget and all of the propositions passed with ease. The Library’s quest of added funds made my heart sing with joy, at its passage. As promised, ten hours have already been restored with the Tuesday opening from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The addition of the Monday opening will be forthcoming in the fall.

Once again, I need to thank the 730 voters who are placing their trust in me. I will speak for you as I serve on the school board for the next three years. It is my pleasure to be your voice.

Please know that my mission is to create a positive difference in the lives of our children, community, and fellow educators. I promise you my time, energy, knowledge, and experience in education.

In closing, don’t hesitate to contact me with concerns and questions Remember I want “to be the change…for kids!”

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