Valley Viewpoints: Save the lake

by Edward Williamson, Committee Chairman

It is the mission of the new Lake Neatahwanta Committee to clean-up and re-vitalize the lake so it can be used by residents of Central New York, visitors and local community.

This mission statement was developed by Jim Karasek, a local resident and legislator representing a portion of Fulton and Granby.

“The little lake near the great lake” so named Neatahwanta is a 750 acre lake that is jointly shared by the Town of Granby and the City of Fulton. In previous times, the lake shared its life as a source of water, fish and recreation. In years hence the lake has turned its face away from those resources due to neglect, abuse and pollution. The lake committee is charged with the task of restoring the health and vitality to Lake Neatahwanta. Recognizing and supporting that the lake is a living breathing element necessary to the communities that share shorelines, the lake committee under-takes the restoration of returning life back to “The little lake near the great lake.”

Please join the committee in its efforts to clean-up the lake.

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