Leon Archer

The Sportsman’s World: May 26, 2012

Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

The time is drawing short on my turkey season and I still have yet to get a shot at a tom.

My hunt with Tom Duger was very enjoyable; although, I still have not gotten to the stage where I enjoy the getting up at 4 a.m. part, but we had a great morning.

Just as Tom had told me, there was a tom gobbling on the roost after we had set up. He gobbled after he had flown down and he worked our way, but he was with a bunch of hens.

The turkeys finally came into the field a couple hundred yards away from where we had set up, and lo and behold, they began working their way towards us. The group was mostly hens, but at least one long beard was in tow plus a couple jakes.

Everything seemed to be working out, but when the birds had gotten to about a ninety yards away, the jakes and tom left and headed back into the brush and trees, while the hens continued towards our position.

Eventually, two of the hens wandered right up to the decoys, giving them a good looking over before deciding they weren’t going to join their group and eventually walking away.

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