Erika Johnson

Bodley Bulletins: May 23, 2012

Erika Johnson

by Erika Johnson

It’s hard to believe how fast the days are winding down now! Now that it is Memorial Day weekend already, the end of the year will be here before we know it.

Of course there are some fun end of the year activities going on.

Last Tuesday, a week late due to a rain delay, was the mock DWI demonstration. Juniors and seniors were led out to the parking lot at 8 a.m. and were witnesses to several of their class mates bloody and scared.

The purpose of the mock DWI is to show students how bad decisions can affect their entire lives.

During the drill Fulton’s own police officers, firemen, and ambulance personnel arrested the “drunk driver,” brought multiple students to safety and also declared an unfortunate soul “dead.”

After the scene of the accident was clear, there was a hearing for the offender, a funeral for the deceased and a whole lot of eye opening for students.

While just a little late for prom, the drill is just in time for senior dinner dance.

This Thursday, 25 hard working students from each grade will be invited to the annual Top 100 breakfast.

This is a way for the 25 students from each class with the highest grade point averages to be recognized for their achievements. Congratulations everyone!

Finishing out the GRB concerts for the year are the spring chorus and orchestra concerts. You can hear voices of the chorus members next Wednesday and the strings of the orchestra on Thursday. Both concerts begin at 7:30.

Thanks to the wonderfully mild winter, students will enjoy an extra day off this Friday to make up for an unused snow day.

This is added to our Memorial Day break, so enjoy your four day weekend and remember why we have these days off in the first place!

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