Leon Archer

The Sportsman’s World: May 19, 2012

Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

It is a bit hard for me to believe how fast the spring is flying by and summer looks like it is stacking up to be pretty much a blur as well.

My turkey hunting has been limited and unsuccessful, and in all fairness, I haven’t been as dedicated as I probably should have been.

As I was writing this column, Tom Duger called and invited me to go with him Thursday morning; otherwise, I probably would have been checking the inside of my eyelids when the sun came up.

Tom had told me earlier in the week that he had been seeing some jakes and I indicated I would be happy just seeing jakes at this point and I guess he was listening.

Memorial Day weekend, Sweet Thing and I expect to be camping with Tim and his family in New Hampshire near the ocean. I’m going to give Nathaniel and anyone else who wants, a chance to catch some Atlantic Mackerel.

If they have arrived inshore off New Hampshire, the fishing will be fast and furious. Mackerel are an oily fish and many folks are not as fond of them as they might be about haddock and swai, but I actually enjoy them — and I love catching them. I think it is going to be a Memorial Day to remember.

I have three somewhat lengthy trips planned for the summer. The first one will find Tim and I heading to Alaska for a week of salmon fishing.

Later, Sweet Thing and I will be visiting Brett and his family out in Two Harbors, Minn., and toward the end of summer, we will head to Seattle to spend some time with Ben and his wife. I am sure that Ben and I will get out a couple times on Puget Sound.

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