New York News: May 19, 2012

by Andrew Henderson

The New York State Senate recently passed a bill to close a legal loophole in New York State that makes it legal to view online child porn, said Senator Patty Ritchie.

The bill, which passed 56-4, is a response to a ruling by the Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, that said viewing pornographic images of children as young as 8 years old over the Internet was allowed as long as the defendant didn’t download, print, save, share, or otherwise “control” the images.

“Simply put, child pornography is an abomination,” said Ritchie. “Whether people view it, download it, or save it on a computer — it shouldn’t matter — anyone with any sort of involvement should be punished.

“As a mother and a grandmother, it pains me to think of children being exploited in situations such as this,” she added. “We need to take every step necessary to make sure people viewing child pornography face the consequences of their actions.”

Senate bill 7407 would make the viewing of child pornography, which has been illegal to possess since 1996, a Class E felony, punishable by up to four years in prison.

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A bill that is moving quickly through the state Assembly and is currently on the legislative calendar for a vote is another attack on Second Amendment Rights — the right to bear arms — according to Assemblyman Will Barclay.

Barclay said the Democratic majority-sponsored legislation would make it so that those holding a pistol permit would need to renew their permit every five years.

“This proposal serves no purpose, other than to limit access for responsible citizens to protect themselves and their property and to infringe again on sportsmen,” said Barclay. “It’s another layer of government and fees that responsible pistol permit owners do not need.

“In many cases, people invest in a pistol permit with the hope they will never have to use it to protect themselves from an intruder, for example,” the assemblyman added. “A pistol permit renewal of every five years is unnecessary.”

Barclay said he will vote against this measure when it reaches the Assembly floor.

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