Fulton City School District budget passes

by Nicole Reitz

The community came out to vote Tuesday, passing the Fulton school budget for next school year 753 to 468. The $62,398,511 budget increased to 3.5 percent from the previous year. Propositions to buy a bus and two vans and to set up a reserve fund for future capital projects were also approved.

Rosemary Occhino and Dan Pawlewicz were elected to fill the two open school board seats. Occhino received 730 votes, while Pawlewicz earned 801 votes. President of the Board of Education Robbin Griffin, with 669 votes, did not win reelection. Griffin has been on the Fulton Board of Education as either a member or an officer for the last 21 years.

Voters showed strong approval for funding of the Fulton Public Library, with 761 people voting for the $170,000 library tax. “I am extremely grateful for all the people in the Fulton City School District, by putting us on the ballot, it showed us that they appreciate the value that the library has in this community,” said Betty Maute, Director of Fulton Public Library.

Maute is thankful to the community and to the Friends of the Library, who called residents that signed the library’s petition to remind them to get out and vote. With the support of the communities vote, the Fulton Public Library will open again on Tuesdays, and Mondays will be added again in the fall. Employees of the library will also go back to full time status.

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