Appeal likely in clerk case

by Carol Thompson

An Article 78 proceeding filed against Oswego County Clerk George Williams has been dismissed by Oswego County Supreme Court Judge Norman Seiter.

“Judge Seiter dismissed our proceeding. We are waiting for the order to be prepared,” said Scott Chatfield, who represents APS Information Services and its owner, Aaron P. Smith.

Chatfield said he will obtain a copy of the judge’s written decision as for the reasons for dismissal and will review the information.

“It’s highly likely an appeal will be filed,” Chatfield said.

The lawsuit was filed to challenge Williams’ charging a fee for criminal record searches. The lawsuit contends that criminal records are public records and should be made available for public searches free of charge.

At issue, Chatfield said, is whether Williams, when charging the fee, is acting as the clerk of the court or the county clerk.

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