Paul McKinney

A Little Of This And A Little Of That: May 19, 2012

Paul McKinney

by Paul McKinney

It was a beautiful summer day, June 30 around 1:30 in the afternoon.

I was riding home from a visit with my orthopedic doctor, having just had my third in a series of three spinal injections for one of those darn sciatic nerves.

My friend Bill was driving since I couldn’t. As we approached the city limits of Fulton, we had to stop adjacent to the Alliance Church on Route 48. A dumpster was ahead down the road making a regular pick up and there were five cars lined up in back of the dumpster and in front of us.

It was just a minute or two after coming to a dead stop that she came barreling from behind at full speed. Looking in the rearview mirror, Bill said to himself, “She’s not going to stop.”

Without saying a word, he gripped the wheel not knowing what to expect. Instinctively, he knew he had to keep the car in the right lane or we would come head on with the traffic-traveling south or hit the car that sat motionless 200 feet in front of us.

Suddenly, we heard a horrendous sound and felt the thrusting impact from the rear of our car. I remember saying out loud, “Oh no.” Next, we saw a mass of metal flying about 10 feet in the air to the right of our car. My window airbag quickly came down, pinning my right hand to the door rest. The car she was driving landed in the deep ditch along the right side of the road.

I could see her car was in tact, that all of the airbags were deployed, and watched as her little PT Cruiser right itself in the crevice of the drainage ditch.

We slide about 100 feet in a straight line (thanks to Bill’s good driving control) finally coming to a complete stop just short of the car ahead of us.

Suddenly from the On Star system overhead, I heard a voice say, “We have information that you have been in an accident on Route 48 in Oswego County. Does anyone need an ambulance?”

“Oh my gosh, I said to Bill,” that On Star thing really works.” “Oh joy,” he snapped back, “what a way to test it.” By the look on his pasty white face and his beet red knuckles, I figured he was as shocked as I was. And who could blame him.

I told the voice above my head to call for an ambulance, thinking surely, the crash lady, was in need of medical attention. And since we were outside the city limits, to call the New York State Police.

Within minutes both pulled up to the crash scene, where many people had gathered around us as the “rubber neck” crowd passed by. Don’t ya just love people at an accident?

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