Oswego County mosquito surveillance plan receives funding

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature approved spending $18,436 for a mosquito surveillance program.

The program involves marking mosquitoes with a fluorescent power to track them and is significant, county officials said, because it will help determine more precise information regarding locations, distance and time adult mosquitoes migrate.

During Thursday’s meeting, Legislator Doug Malone questioned whether the money that is going to be used to tattoo the insects would be better spent on eradication efforts.

“Instead of tattooing them, I’d like to see them killed,” he said. “We need the money to go elsewhere than surveillance. We know there are mosquitoes out there.”

Also debated was $100,000 earmarked by the state that will be available to spray over state lands. Malone asked what Oswego County’s portion would be, however, there was no firm answer given.

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