Motorcycle accidents lead to proposed legislation

by Andrew Henderson

New York State Senator Patty Ritchie introduced a bill that would improve motorcycle safety by including awareness training in the DMV’s mandatory, pre-licensing courses.

The proposed legislation was prompted by several motorcycle-related accidents in the region, including four fatal motorcycle accidents already in Oswego this year, which more than any full year since 2008.

According to the most recent data from the New York State DMV, there were 152 fatalities from 5,150 motorcycle accidents in 2009.

“Motorcycle fatalities and serious accidents are on the rise as the number of riders increase in our region and across Upstate New York,” said Ritchie. “My bill would increase safety for riders as well as for those sharing the road with them. By including motorcycle safety training in the five-hour courses that all new drivers are required to complete, we’re taking the necessary steps that will help save lives.”

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One thought on “Motorcycle accidents lead to proposed legislation”

  1. How about putting some of the auto drivers that are at fault in jail, that may do more to raise awareness than anything else—oh thats right, politicians friends can’t get rich that way by sponsering these other programs the people have to pay for.

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