Roy Hodge

Hodgepodge: May 12, 2012

Roy Hodge

by Roy Hodge

Adventures with Andrew – continued. Our little neighbor, Andrew, loves to come over to talk and “help” when I am in the garage, out in the yard, or in the gardens. He really likes to get in our house, and he knows it inch by inch, from top to bottom.

His special mission seems to be to touch, handle and move every object in every room of the house.

He has a special route which covers just about all of our living space. He knows exactly where he is going as soon as he comes in the back door. From there he works his way up to his ultimate destination which is the room upstairs where I keep my collection of toys.

Andrew always begins his tour of our house in the kitchen by checking our supply of “Goldfish,” his favorite snack. (I discovered this week that in the absence of that favorite, the little square cheese crackers that we had in the cupboard would do just fine.) He often asks for a glass of milk for the goldfish to swim in.

On one visit, when he was accompanied by his father, he seemed completely baffled by a shiny, black object which seemed to be plugged into our wall.

Without saying anything, he stared quizzically at his father.

“That’s a telephone,” was the answer. He didn’t say anything.  He just looked back and you just knew he was thinking, “How do they get this thing in their pocket?”

Our visitor then makes his way from the kitchen to the sun room. That is a new stop on his tour and it became a venue for him when he discovered that the Easter Bunny had made a stop at our house and the sun room was where he left our Easter baskets.

With Andrew’s help, the Easter baskets are now empty, but the sun room has to be checked out during each visit – just in case.

Then it’s through the dining room into the living room. Just around the corner is a small roll-top desk which Andrew is trying to convince us is “my desk.” Each time through he sits down in the Andrew-size chair. He jots a few notes on “my pad” using “my pen” in his own secret, three-year-old handwriting.

After a little writing, he’s ready to move on. Andrew doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the couple of pull-toys near the top of the stairs. Those would be more to the liking of Nathan, Andrew’s almost 14-month-old brother.

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