City approves pawn shop law

by Andrew Henderson

Members of the Fulton Common Council adopted a law last week that regulates secondhand dealers, also known as pawn shops.

Mayor Ron Woodward said the legislation was crafted after a number of pawn shops opened in the city.

“Last year, we saw a number of secondhand dealers pop up in Fulton,” he said. “We believe that this has led to an increase in burglaries.”

The mayor said the law is based on a similar law adopted in the City of Syracuse.

“This was borrowed from the City of Syracuse,” said Woodward. “They were having the same issue.”

The new law requires secondhand dealers to obtain a license from the city clerk.

The regulation requires dealers to keep a book with a description of the items as well as the person from whom the items were purchased. It requires the name, address, age, Social Security number, and personal description of the people selling items to the secondhand dealer.

This book, according to the law, should be open for inspection by any member of the police department.

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