Father and son promoted during Civil Air Patrol ceremony

Father and son Dennis and William Sheirer were recently promoted within the Civil Air Patrol. Dennis Sheirer was promoted to first lieutenant while William Sheirer was promoted to cadet senior airman.

Service to his country has always been a theme for CAP member Dennis Sheirer, who served 22 years in the active duty U.S. Air Force and retired as a senior master sergeant.

That value of “service before self” now runs in the family. Sheirer’s son, William, joined the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program in December.

Recently, Oswego CAP’s Squadron Commander, Captain Andrew Roth, held a promotion ceremony for both father and son. Dennis Sheirer was appointed to the officer grade of first lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol in recognition of his completed professional military education and experience.

Dennis Sheirer serves the unit as communications officer.

His son recently completed the “Mary Feik Achievement,” one of the progressive steps in CAP’s Cadet Program and was promoted to the grade of cadet senior airman.

After being promoted himself, Dennis Sheirer pinned his son with his new rank insignia: an Air Force enlisted chevron with three upward stripes and the distinctive CAP Cadet Programs shield in the center.

William Sheirer joined the CAP Cadet Program last December and has been steadily advancing through the program’s comprehensive curriculum in leadership, aerospace education, physical fitness, and ethics and character development.

CAP cadets progress through 16 achievements through self-study and exams in leadership and aerospace science curriculum, passing increasingly difficult physical fitness tests, participating actively in activities, and debating moral and ethical leadership dilemmas and case studies with CAP instructors.

In addition to their advancement in rank, the father and son recently earned their FCC radio operators licenses through Civil Air Patrol training in February. Dennis Sheirer received the general class license and William Sheirer earned technician class.

Civil Air Patrol is the all-volunteer auxiliary of the United States Air Force, a non-profit organization chartered by Congress that performs essential services to communities and the nation.

The organization has been tasked by Congress since 1941 with three core missions: Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education, and Emergency Services.

The organization accomplishes its diverse variety of services with a uniformed volunteer corps of over 61,000 Americans across practically every city in the country.

Operating locally from the Oswego County Airport, Civil Air Patrol provides the region with a year-round cadet program and trains a corps of uniformed volunteers for its search and rescue and disaster relief missions.

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