Legislators continue to discuss increase in ethics board members

by Carol Thompson

Some Oswego County Legislators would like to increase the number of members seated on the county’s ethics board.

The county currently has a three-member board. Other counties have not only more members, but more requirements and restrictions for those appointed to serve an ethics board.

In Essex County, a five-member board can be comprised of no one doing business with the county or who is active with a political party.

St. Lawrence County’s five-member board is under similar restrictions with no member allowed to hold office in a political party or be employed or act as a lobbyist or be an officer in the government. St. Lawrence County ethics board members can serve a maximum of two five-year terms.

The Cayuga County Ethics Board is comprised of five members with staggering terms. Members serve from one to five year terms.

Wayne County also has a five-member board, all of whom serve at the pleasure of the board of supervisors, meaning their terms are the same length as the appointing board.

The five members of the Tompkins County Ethics Board serve a four-year term as does the five member board of Cortland County.

Some counties have an alternate member.

Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler called for a review of the composition of the board earlier this year. The legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee has had discussions in regard to possibly adding more members to the board.

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