Legislator seeks answers to disclosure statements

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Legislator Mike Kunzwiler wants an answer as to why members of the Democrat caucus did not receive the financial disclosure form  required to be filled out by elected officials and appointed personnel.

Kunzwiler and the other Democrats said they received a letter from the county ethics board stating that the legislators disclosure forms had not been received and are due.

When Legislator Doug Malone attempted to address the absence of the form during Monday’s meeting of the legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee, he was not allowed to speak to the issue because it was not on the agenda (see related story).

Democrats didn’t have time to add the discussion to the agenda because they received their letters over the weekend.

“I’m going to go…and ask (county attorney) Dick Mitchell why we didn’t receive them,” Kunzwiler said. “We never got the form in the mail or in our mailboxes at the office.”

To read the rest of the story, pick up a copy of The Valley News

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