Valley Viewpoints: Another cheap shot at Fulton Public Library

by Nicholas Emrich of Fulton

Here we go again! I knew it was only a matter of time before someone else took a cheap shot at our local library. First, I would like to suggest to you, Mr. Chapple, that you go back to our library and check a few books out, especially grammar.

The library isn’t taking another bite from the apple and asking for more money. The library is trying to restore the funding that was cut from the 2012 Fulton City budget.

Furthermore, it would only cost you and I the same as a gallon of gasoline a year to support the library through the proposition on the school ballot.

The suggestion for the library to request a proposition on the school ballot was made because Granby and Volney citizens also use the Fulton Public Library.

Therefore, since Granby and Volney residents do not pay Fulton city taxes, they would be paying their reasonable share through their Fulton school tax. Which means, for a Volney or Granby citizen to use our library, they also would have to pay about the same as a gallon of gas a year, theoretically speaking of course.

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