Valley Viewpoints: Regents Reform Agenda

by William Lynch, Fulton Superintendent of Schools

I am writing to provide our community members with a new update about the changes occurring in our classrooms and schools across the Fulton City School District as we implement the New York State Regents Reform Agenda, which is aligned with the federal Race to the Top Plan.

The New York State Board of Regents has made significant changes in what our students are learning in school and how their learning  is assessed.

The goal of the Board of Regents initiative is that upon graduation from high school all of our students will be better prepared for college level course work and they will be ready for a career in the work place.

Our teachers, administrators and board of education members have been engaged in implementing the changes, which support what our students learn in their classes and how their learning is assessed.

Throughout the past year, our teachers and administrators have been participating in professional development on the national Common Core Learning Standards as well as areas that instructionally support improving student outcomes tied to the Board of Regents college and career readiness goal.

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