Arts in Motion: Heroes for the American Red Cross

CNY Arts Center will be joining the American Red Cross to recognize their heroes in an open gala Saturday, April 28 at the Thunder Island Oasis, 21 Wilcox Rd., Fulton.

“Arts in Motion: Heroes for the American Red Cross” will be a culminating event that will give acknowledgement to those who have been donating and raising funds during the Red Cross’s recent Hero campaign.

The purpose of the gathering is not only to recognize these heroes, but to also bring their actions and accomplishments to life through art.

Through this, the organizations hope to get exposure for the heroes and for the local artists as well.

The CNY Arts Center will be hosting the event and plans to showcase nearly a dozen artists who will be creating their artwork on site, with their interpretation of what it means to be a hero.

These pieces will be sold in a silent auction at the event, along with other donated artwork from local artists.

The Arts Center wants to show, through this event, the role that art plays in exposing acts of bravery and selflessness, however big or small.

CNY Arts Center Director Nancy Fox said she hopes that those attending will see this connection. “The creation of art can capture and immortalize those real moments of heroism,” said Fox.

Local artist and CNY Arts member Bonnie McClellan will be one of the artists creating a piece at the event.

McClellan said she strongly believes in the power of visualization through this event. “Working with the American Red Cross on this event and combining it with art is a great way to bring together an appreciation for what such great men and women do for our country and it is our way of saying thanks,” said McClellan, who will be one of two artists featured live on WSYR’s Bridge Street Friday, April 27 to promote the event. “By not only saying it in words that can be forgotten, but displaying it in art that will forever be seen and remembered,”

Another local artist expected to work the event, Matthew Wood, will certainly be showing his appreciation for the Red Cross through his art.

Wood said he hopes to bring attention to the behind-the-scenes heroes who train those who become the more glorified heroes.

“I am hoping to shed some light on all of the certification and training opportunities the Red Cross provides,” said Wood.

The celebration will begin at 6 p.m., and will run until 9 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door, which covers the variety of hors d‘oeuvres and desserts that will be available as well as the entertainment.

While CNY Arts Center is hosting this for the American Red Cross, the event has been sponsored by Pathfinder Bank.

The CNY Arts Center is still welcoming artists to take part in the event. They will be asked to complete a work of art that portrays the Red Cross hero theme within the hour the artists are given at the event.

The Arts Center is also accepting donations of family-friendly art to be auctioned.

Adecco Employment Services Fulton office is accepting donations at 104 Cayuga St.

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