Fulton YMCA Speed Demons hold annual awards banquet

Teammate and Coaches’ Awards – Pictured are winners of the Teammate and Coaches’ Awards. From left are Assistant Coach Daisy Ruiz, Anna Guernsey, Ross Gardner, and Head Coach Dexter Hinman and Griffin Marriner.

The Fulton YMCA Speed Demons swim team celebrated a successful season at a recent awards banquet at the Fulton Polish Home.

The 75 members of the team and their families enjoyed a summer fun-themed meal, accepted awards and honored its departing senior, Chris Pridat.

Coach Dexter Hinman praised the team for placing 22 members in the YMCA State Meet held in March in Buffalo.

The 2012 States Team included Courtney Beckwith, Ross Gardner, Lacey Reich, Janelle Tallents, Kyle Buck, Andrew Distin, Justin Grower, Sage Hourihan, Zachary Perry, David Tallents, Miwa Burdic, Michael Mankiewicz, Jenna Ruzekowicz, Sarah Tallents, Camille Stevenson, Ean Stevenson, Mark Tallents, Jayda Borrow, Abigail Hinman, Rimma Mankiewicz, Jaden Patterson, and Christina Tallents.

The following awards were given at the banquet:

The Ippolito award was given to E Boy swimmer Jaden Patterson. The award was named in honor of the late father of a former swimmer.

The LeVea award was given to Jenna Ruzekowicz and Caleb Trepasso, named in honor of the late father of a Speed Demon family.

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