Leon Archer

The Sportsman’s World: April 14, 2012

Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

Yes indeed folks, Sweet Thing and I will be back in your midst next week.

We have been in the process of shutting things down in Florida and packing everything that has to go home.

As I write this column, we are figuring out how to stow the items in the truck that must make it back north. I have finally gotten to the point that we no longer look like the Beverly Hillbillies once we are ready to leave. We have Florida things and Fulton things and each pretty much stays put

When packing for the journey, the dog and cat are givens, and so is my computer, but thank goodness Sweet Thing bought me a lap top for our 50th anniversary, so packing my computer is now a snap and takes up almost no space.

We take very few clothes in either direction, because we have pretty much what we need in both our homes. A percentage of my fishing tackle still makes the trip, but even those items are becoming fewer and fewer as we build up stocks that are tailored to each area and leave them until we meet again.

We had pretty much gotten away from transporting food, but this year we are packing a cooler to hold wild pig and fish fillets. We had just too much to eat up, and it’s too good to leave, so it’s headed north with us.

I have a number of duck decoys that I completed in Florida, plus more that are works in progress for me to complete in May.

We started some plants here that are destined for a garden in Fulton and they have given me the greatest fits about where they should ride.

I can’t just pile them in just any old place, or when I get home they would be in sad condition. Somehow it always all comes together.

I will have a busy schedule as soon as I arrive and it won’t slow down much until after the end of June; after that it becomes only a bit hectic, but I guess it’s good to be busy.

They weather upstate has been so dry that there are no night crawlers waiting for me to go fishing.

Nathaniel was going to pick up some for us, but he hasn’t had the opportunity. I told Sweet Thing that I can always water the back yard and get enough bait for bullheads.

That may be the only solution.

To read the rest of the column, pick up a copy of The Valley News

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