Hannibal softball team looking to improve on last year’s record

by Rob Tetro

According to new Hannibal varsity softball voach Jill Dunkleberger, the Lady Warriors have what it takes to improve upon last season’s record.

However, the goal of improving on last season’s record served as the catalyst for other goals that the team has decided upon: the number of wins the team believes that it can earn as well as the acceptable amount of errors per game, said Dunkleberger.

Hannibal will feature a balanced group of both younger and experienced players this season. Dunkleberger has been pushing her veteran players to serve as leadership figures for their younger teammates.

“I have been looking to the veteran players to guide the younger players and lead by example to set an overall positive tone on and off the field,” Dunkleberger said.

Nearing the beginning of the regular season, Dunkleberger noted that her players are physically prepared for competition.

Since preparation began for Hannibal’s season opener, her team has shown development in both their physical conditioning as well as skills related to the game.

Dunkleberger has named three team captains: Adrienne Shortslef, Darcy Matthews and Mara Halstead.

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