Oswego County not among the healthiest in the state

by Carol Thompson

Smoking and adult obesity are on the rise in Oswego County, according to a report issued by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The annual health report gives the county a ranking of 38 of the 62 counties in the state.

According to the report, smoking has increased by one percent from 2010 and adult obesity has increased by five percent for the same time period. Those totals are well above the state average.

Smoking is at 33 percent in Oswego County while the statewide percentage is 18 percent. The state average for adult obesity is 25 percent while it’s at 33 percent in the county.

Physical inactivity is reported at 27 percent, two percent above the state average. The category was not measured in the 2011 or 2010 research. Excessive drinking remains at 23 percent, six percent above the state average.

The motor vehicle crash death rate is twice as high as the state average at 16. The premature death rate is 6,367 with the state reported at 5,812.

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