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Hodgepodge: April 7, 2012

As soon as I started writing this column I realized that I had written about “comics” before.  But that didn’t stop me – I kept going.

The fact that I have found myself writing about the newspaper “funnies” a few times may say something about my choice of reading material, or what I like to do to get the day started – or end it, for that matter. But nonetheless, here is this year’s contribution:

I grew up having the newspaper’s “funnies” read to me, and then reading them myself. I remember spreading the Herald Journal’s comic pages out on the living room floor and no doubt making a mess of it before my father ever got to look at that section of the paper.

My family subscribed to “The Herald Journal,” the afternoon newspaper in Syracuse, and my grandparents, who lived around the block from us, got “The Post Standard” in the morning. There were different comic strips in each paper and I had the best of both worlds.

As a kid I had my favorites in both papers. I enjoyed the “funny” strips of course. I remember “Mutt and Jeff,” the tall and short friends, “Blondie” and her whole family, Dagwood, the hapless husband, and their children, Alexander and Cookie, and I liked Maggie and Jiggs of “Bringing Up Father,” “Little Lulu” and “L’il Abner”.

Somewhere along the way there were Nancy and Sluggo of the “Nancy” strip and Nancy’s aunt, Fritzi Ritz. Something you may not know: Fritzi Ritz was the star of her own strip until her niece was introduced and eventually took over the comic.

To read the rest of the column, pick up a copy of The Valley News.

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