OCAY League’s third competition takes a political view

Second-place winners – The team from Hannibal received the silver medal for second place. In front from left are Mike Miano, Adrianne Shortslef, Erica Weldin, Molly Downing, and Nicole McMahon. In back are Coach Bill Mason, Cal Weigand, Suzanne King, Meghan Gillen, Megan O’Connor, and Tyler Beckwith.

The third Oswego County Academic Youth League competition was political in nature.

Entitled “2012,” the competition began with a series of 10 quizzes on U.S. and World current events and geography.

The teams also created a political cartoon about the 2012 U.S. Presidential election, created a time capsule based on modern American life, and gave a persuasive speech on the education system in the United States.

The teams, from eight of the nine districts in Oswego County, consisted of 6-10 students, who until they arrived at the competition venue, had no idea what the competition would entail.

Beginning with the timed quizzes, teams of two students were scheduled to take the tests as scores were tabulated by the judges. Each team member was required to complete at least one quiz and no member could complete consecutive quizzes.

The political cartoons about the 2012 presidential campaigns portrayed not only a political astuteness but also reflected artistic talent as well.

The cartoons were judged on their visual presentation, whether the cartoon showed clear understanding of the political concept and issue, and how clearly the artist conveyed the point.

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