Congressman Bill Owens speaks out against Paul Ryan’s budget plan

by Carol Thompson

Congressman Bill Owens held a conference call with the media Friday to discuss the budget plan proposed by the chairman of the House Budget Committee, Rep. Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin.

“I’m against the Ryan tax plan for a host of reasons but mainly because it attempts to balance the budget on the backs of veterans, cops and first responders,” Owens said.

Ryan’s proposal would slash the debt by $5 trillion over the next decade; more than President Barack Obama’s budget proposes.  Ryan’s plan would cut domestic programs and restructure Medicare and the supplemental nutrition program (food stamps).

Ryan’s budget would cut Medicare by $205 billion compared to Obama’s budget and would repeal the health-care reform law.

Seniors would have the option of switching to a government-financed “premium support” system that would allow them to buy private insurance on the open market.

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