Riley Elementary School students participate in ‘Picture It’ project

Students participating in the “Picture it 2012” project at the Charles E. Riley Elementary School display their certificates for being involved.

Charles E. Riley Elementary School librarian Molly Clark recently provided a unique opportunity for students.

She coordinated an enrichment project for 24 Riley students.

Clark said students were “selected by their teachers and participated in a collaborative art project with schools from around the country and the world.”

Schools from as far away as Beirut, Lebanon were involved in the project.

Clark said, “The children’s’ art was shared with these schools and they will be sending us art as well. The finished piece and information cards will be displayed on the bulletin board outside the library.”

Fifth grade participants Jenna Bradshaw, Lauren DeVinny and Sophia Griffiths were quite enthusiastic over the project.

One of the students said, “It was cool to have our pictures go to places we haven’t seen before.”

Each participating school also sent information about their school and location to enhance the children’s knowledge of places beyond Oswego.

Clark explained, “Through this unique project the students achieved several important technology standards, including,  interaction, collaborating and publishing with peers, experts and others while employing a variety of digital environments and media.”

Continuing she said, “Students were also able to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats while they all contributed as a team to produce original works and solve problems.”

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