Oswego County DSS building update to be held today

by Carol Thompson

When the Oswego County Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee meets today, an update will be presented in regard to the Department of Socials Services building.

Last week, county officials advised the public that low levels of asbestos have been found in ceiling tiles in the older section of the DSS building.

They added that the tiles pose no health threat unless they are damaged or moved.

The county contracted with an environmental testing firm to conduct air quality monitoring and test ceiling tiles for asbestos at the DSS building based upon an employee’s concern.

County Administrator Philip Church said the tiles tested positive for low-level asbestos content less than two percent.

He also said the ceiling tiles pose no health threat unless they are damaged or moved.

“The testing completed so far indicates the building environment is safe for employees and the public, which is my primary concern,” said Church. “Air monitoring test results found no asbestos.”

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